Wrestling Mistress Hera of London – Exclusive interview!


Wresteling Mistress Hera of London – Exclusive interview!

I have always been attracted to bondage. Ever since I knew myself, I had a dominant personality. I was physically faster and stronger then all the boys around me. Always determined to be the best in any form of competition.
In time, I learned how to use my abilities in a productive instead of destructive way, and life aligned me with two related pursuits:  Wrestling and BDSM.

Mistress Hera sees her sessions as an art-form. She is happy when the art she creates is well appreciated, valued and worshipped.

I can be compassionate, but at the same time strict and severe. I must warn you I am extremely kinky.  My taste in outfits varies, depending  on the mood, scenario and type of activity. I like everything I decide to put on.

Always remember: I am ME. The one and only. Incomparable..

A great session for Mistress Hera  centres around connection. My sub and I enter a bubble together, and the rest of the world doesn’t exist. He opens up for me to see into him, allowing me to penetrate his soul. Complete and utter domination on every level.

I cannot bear to be disrespected. A sub not valuing my time is unacceptable.

And if a slave is disobedient then he must be punished. The punishment will depend on how I was disobeyed and what I consider at that moment would be in my slave’s best interest. Nothing makes a human grow faster, stronger and more determined then PAIN. And PAIN can be inflicted in many ways.

When a sub encounters Mistress Hera for the first time I am always open to their communication of  their needs and wants. This inevitably leads to an unforgettable session. My subs always come back for more.

My sessions are NEVER the same. I am able to transform my subs into writhing, twitching, living sculptures. Together we create art.

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