Which Fetish?

Claustrophilia, Turned on by tight Spaces For me. Tight spaces freak me out. This is, however very different for many Read more
Arachnophilia scary spider attraction One of the most popular phobias seems to be arachnophobia. However, there are a select few Read more
Kleptolagnia turned on by stealing and stolen objects Kleptolagnia is when one gets turned on by stealing objects and handling Read more
Scat in the UK Mistress BDSM scene. Hard to digest! Now scat is a difficult subject for those that have Read more
Santaphilia, commonly referred to as “Santa fetish” This particular unusual fetish gives a whole new perspective on the relatively PG-rated Read more
Christmas sex toys for slaves who like it up the arse With  Christmas almost upon us. There is nothing fair Read more
Medical castration - getting your manhood chopped Medical castration fetish encompasses quite a number of sexual fetishes. Of which, are Read more
Transvestic fetishism dressing up as a woman sexual attraction Let's be honest, at some point in our lives we have Read more
Spectrophilia - love beyond the bones. What a unique and very apt fetish. Just in time for Halloween!Spectrophilia, is a Read more
Autassassinophilia - Scared to death In today's modern society. It is clearly apparent that we love to be scared. With Read more

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