The Matron – Medical Retreat

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The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat
The Matron – Medical Retreat

About me:

60 years old Female from Newquay, South West, United Kingdom

The Matron

Medical Mistress Cornwall,

In 1990 the Medical Mistress Cornwall is also known as The Matron, trained as a health and beauty therapist and ran The Cottage Clinic. In 1994 I opened the smallest residential health farm in the UK for gentlemen.

In 1997 I trained as a colonic hydrotherapist which enabled me to provide this treatment to my patients. This was in preparation for the next phase of my career - entry into the wonderful but dark side of clinical procedures. I have never looked back.
Who is The Matron?
“My manner is gentle but firm. Kindly but teasing but never nasty.”

I am not a prostitute nor am I an actress. But I am capable of encouraging your buttocks to a healthy warm glow and your body to experience many wonderful sensations.

Absolute Medical Mistress

Medical Mistress Cornwall wears a white medical uniform during all the clinical procedures. My clients may do as they wish however I never wear fetish outfits. The well-equipped, one-room clinic has shower facilities, and treatments are carried out there. Visits are tailor-made to suit your requirements. A discussion via the telephone or email will enable me to design a detailed clinical plan for you to fulfill your desires.

Should you decide to visit then I can assure you of a very warm welcome and a most memorable stay.

Matron. E.N.E. (M.A.)

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation is a gentle internal bath using warm purified water. It helps to eliminate stored fecal matter, mucus, and toxic substances from the colon. Other noticeable benefits from colonic hydrotherapy can often be observed throughout the body. This is in the form of clearer skin, more energy, and mental clarity. Fewer headaches, immune-system and weight problems. Often improving amongst many other positive side-effects. Each treatment uses a sealed disposable colonic kit.

I personally recommend having this treatment if anal pleasure is to be on the menu. An empty rectum enables you to relax without the thought of an accident in that department.
An enema is a gentle introduction of warm water or saline into the rectum either by gravity bag, Higginson’s pump, enema bulb, or Bardex-Style inflatable double bulb system which inflates inside the rectum. The other bulb is inflated outside the anus. This gives the sensation of fullness even before the solution has started being pumped. Release and removal of the pump and your retention are governed by Matron.


Electronically or by the gentleness of the human touch.
Serious KT Milking Machine
Stimulating and teasing your penis using the former agricultural look machine designed in the UK. Its purpose is to tease and denial and the milker can be used for a considerable time to stimulate and tease your penis.

A constantly lubricated silicon tube is connected by a regular sucking sensation. The non-stop flow of lubricant, combined with varying degrees of vacuum suction means that there is, in theory, no limit to the length of time you can be treated with this pleasurable device.
A night at the medical retreat

cornwall medical mistress the matron BDSM domanatrix

cornwall medical mistress the matron BDSM domanatrix

Cornwall medical Mistress the Matron


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City:NewquayRegion or City:South WestCountry:United Kingdom
Website: Phone:07729315844
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