Which Fetish?

Vampirism a love for blood. Would you like to be a donor? Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula introduced vampires to Read more
Actirasty - do you get turned on by the Sun? Word of the day is ‘actirasty’ – arousal to the Read more
Happy Easter! Let's take a look at crucifixion in the BDSM world. Easter is a time for chocolate eggs. eEr, Read more
Who doesn't love a bit of tickle torture? Slave bobbie used to love those pre-teen birthday parties where everybody got Read more
Partialism, partial to a bit of….. What parts are you partial to? Partialism is sexual interest with an exclusive focus Read more
aliens….you’ve gotta love ‘em ….haven’t you? Alien fetish….you’ve gotta love ‘em ….don't you?How about sex with one?You know what they Read more
Have you got a crush on me? - Crush fetish I mean is that a hard-Crush fetish or a soft-Crush Read more
Dendrophilia - what do you think about having sex with a tree? Apparently it’s all down to their function as Read more
Formicophilia - Creepy crawlies on your genitals. Does this turn you on? Formicophiles. Those who are turned on by being Read more
Furries - are you attracted to stuffed animals? Would you like to be one? Fur God’s sake!How many out there Read more

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