Mistress Ingrid Frost’s views about society, politics and COVID-19.

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Mistress Elite was lucky enough to have an audience of Mistress Ingrid Frost. Here she expounds her worldview on matters encompassing society and politics, and of course COVID-19.

Those who know her will be familiar with her forthright manner.

Mistress Ingrid Frost speaks:

I could NEVER go into politics myself as I respect myself too much. Most politicians worldwide are worse than hookers. A hooker (I have nothing against them, by the way. They don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing) only sells her body to earn money.

Yet a politician is willing and able to sell his own soul to be in power. Besides that, nowhere today do we have true democracy as it used to exist thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece, for example. There the people had the power to vote and expel a politician.

Nowadays most politicians betray their voters. Often they take catastrophic decisions on behalf of their own country, which can ruin the economy and they get away with it, still retaining their huge pensions, personal guards and also their enormous benefits.

Is this democracy ? Or a joke ? What skills does a politician need to be elected ? To lie and promise to people things that he/she knows that they will never deliver on. And naive people believe and vote for the one who makes them the biggest fake promises.

How many politicians have read Plato’s Republic, and Aristotle ? According to these wise men, philosophers=thinkers, should rule. Because philosophers=thinkers, not only see and do good, but they THINK what is good for the people and that’s how a ruler should be.

According to Aristotle :"Kings should become philosophers and philosophers should become Kings", as you need a high level of wisdom and knowledge in order to rule successfully.

Have you seen many politicians with wisdom and who are able to THINK by themselves ? That’s why this society is in a mess. I consider myself a thinker. So if I was a ruler I could rule with wisdom and put in key positions women with knowledge. As one of the reasons that our society is in such a mess is because most of the rulers are males. Who think with their huge ego and their dick.

Whatever is sick one day will dissolve from within. One day the conditions WILL change when people’s awareness changes also, and will be a place for females thinkers to take over.

In answer to your question: " If i was an adviser to the current PM I could tell him:"Go and listen to the people in the street. I know that you love Homer, philosophy and Churchill. What would Churchill do if he was facing the same problems you are facing now ? Do what Alexander the Great used to do. He was able to put the BEST in all the key positions. That’s why he managed to conquer the world while still in his thirties. Do the same. Surround yourself with the best advisors. Not with parrots. Leave a legacy behind you, not a failure ! Put intelligent people like Lord Sugar, Simon Dolan, Lord Jonathan Sumption, David Attenborough, and other THINKERS as your advisors ".

The current restrictions concerning Covid are totally unworkable and they do not offer any protection at all. On the contrary they will only bring financial destruction and more people will die from the restrictions than by Covid. What will people do when they are in lockdown ? They will become obese as stress can make them eat more, smoke more, become alcoholic, take drugs and pills for depression.

Many will commit suicide, you will have an increase in domestic violence and abuse, and at the end a whole generation will be lost. We are living with viruses our whole life. Our immune system is able to protect us from most of viruses. We cannot ruin our economies unless a vaccine comes. And how SAFE will it be ? I’m not against vaccines as they have saved millions of people in the past. But a vaccine to be safe needs years of testing. How they will develop a vaccine in a few months that is safe ?

On the other hand doctors say that we have at least 40 mutations so far. Are we going to create in the future 40 different vaccines for each one ? And what if the 25% refuse to take it ? Are we going to create a militarised society ? We cannot ruin our economies, create millions of unemployed people and create misery for a virus that has 99.8% recovery rate. In my case at least if they make mandatory the new vaccines I will relocate to another country.

Forced to work on-line

What is happening around us is insane. It does not offer real protection to people ( the virus is harmful until 22.00 P.M. and after it’s getting crazy – that’s why everything needs to close after 22.00 P.M. ?) and will create many more problems in the long term. Who has benefited at the end from all that ? They are telling us that the virus started from China. Then most of the masks we are using come from there. The Chinese economy is booming now while in Europe it is going from bad to worse. I read that online giants like Amazon and the Chinese Ali Baba have increased their sales during the lockdowns by 100% while others they go bust. People have been forced to change their habits. They spend more time indoors, they buy things online, companies who sell video games have seen their profits skyrocket as people spend more time online because there is nowhere they can go.

That’s why in my case I decided to go mostly online too. For that reason I created the BEST and most kinky videos I ever filmed for my many kinky fans worldwide. So in the coming winter months, when they will be locked inside (for their own good as they will be told! ) at least by watching my videos they can have FUN and escape from the misery around them.

My new website will be ready in 2-3 weeks. The Covid crisis additionally will create a generation of obese and unhappy people, and will also create a new generation of wankers/jerks ! At least by watching my movies people will enjoy themselves and escape from the madness around them. Personally in my free time, I like watching videos of David Attenborough ( as i love nature ), and speeches of doctors like Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and Elke de Klerk, and read articles by one of the greatest minds around, Lord Jonathan Sumption and I’m watching the actions of a brave man ( Simon Dolan ) who is fighting for justice and freedom in a society that is heading towards the GREAT RESET. According to Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the world economic forum: " The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world ". That’s what I also believe. That this is a rare opportunity to RESET our world and society. To my fans I’m wishing a great time when they watch my movies, soon most of my activities will be online as in this way I can reach many more people, and be alert and don’t be human sheep. Watch what is going around us and adapt yourself to the coming reality of the great RESET. Like you I was forced to change my habits ( spend more time online, do more shopping online ). You too should also make some changes to your habits as consumers in order to save the environment of our planet. Last year we had the enormous fires in the Amazon rainforest. This year there were even more but they have been overshadowed by the Covid. Why do they cut and burn the rainforests ? To grow soya beans and for cattle. Eat less meat from countries who destroy the rainforest, and avoid soya too. Watch that what you buy does not contain palm oil because that is the reason for the destruction of the pristine rainforests of Indonesia and New Guinea. For palm oil plantations. As a result many species of birds, animals and plants are heading for extinction. Let’s all of us use this unique window that has been created by Covid 19, in order to RESET the future of our planet and our society.

We at MistressElite were happy to give Mistress Ingrid Frost a platform to explain her views. Of course this does not mean we endorse any or all of them. They are hers and hers alone. Beyond correcting obvious linguistic errors, we did not exercise editorial control.

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