Meeting Madame Helle.

Madame Helle’s Dungeon is two minutes away from the exit of Paddington tube station on Praed Street. I was waiting inside a cafe, looking out into the street, waiting for Madame Helle to arrive. A beautiful redhead stepped up to the front of the cafe and gestured for me to join her outside.

Madame Helle is a natural mistress and from her early teenage years she had
always known it.

After studying ropes and restraints at a dojo (in which she is now an expert) and experimenting at parties, events and dungeons, Madame Helle became a Pro domme ten years ago.

I asked the question: How did you decide on a career as a mistress? She answered, “One day, someone begged me for my services, I obliged. If the slave wants to pay to play with somebody beautiful, why not take advantage? Everyone wanted to play with me”. Madame Helle realised that “people want to pay for my skills, my professionalism, my accuracy, knowledge, experience, toys, space, even my beauty and especially my time.”

One thing led to another, and she naturally progressed to being a Pro Domme.

“From the beginning” she told me,”there was not an aspect of BDSM domination which I did not enjoy, my appearance, the effect I had and held over others. I am naturally possessive and want to be served.”

Madame Helle arrived in London in early 2014 from Italy, her home country. As soon as Madame Helle speaks, though her English is perfect, you immediately recognise the beautiful Italian accent in her distinctive sultry voice,

“My favourite colour is red” she says. “I love PVC in red and also in black. When I wear PVC I feel powerful and empowered. Beautiful and gorgeous, nobody can resist me. For every session I make sure that I have my gloves, corsets, high heels with me and my hair is always up. My favourite shoes are high heels although I also wear over the knee boots and platforms.” She shows me her nails. “The colour is blood red, and I always keep them looking beautiful and long”.

I ask Madame Helle what she enjoys doing in her sessions. “I like to violate my subs. I like to feel that they are all mine, to inflict pain on them and humiliate them. As a child I learnt to fence. This greatly helps me now when using the crop. I am extremely accurate and exacting” .

Madame Helle mostly sessions in her own premises.

“There’s the medical room, when in addition to a special medical chair with straps to tie patients there are all the tools necessary. From torture to needles, from electrics to enemas.”

She enjoys needle play and is very proficient in the use of needles and piercings.

There is a medical chair and plenty of typical equipment, including a stethoscope. Madame Helle is never a nurse – always the doctor.

“Also I have two dungeon rooms”, she explains. “Both completely equipped. They’re distinctive because one has hooks for suspension, other has a cage”.

The first dungeon room is used for suspension. It also has a bondage bed, throne and spanking bench. This room has a wide array of dildos, electronics, canes, crops, whips, harnesses, body bags and plenty of clothing for sissies including high heels and wigs.

The second dungeon room houses a cage and a wardrobe, for confinement. It also has another spanking bench, electrics and equipment for enemas. There are plenty of toys and equipment for slaves and subs who enjoy dressing up – masks, hoods and even a saddle.

Whilst Madame Helle is strict and demanding she also describes herself as very nurturing. She explained to me that after a five-minute conversation she will understand what you are looking for, what you need – even though you may not know it yourself. “I want my slaves to enjoy the experience we have together, I want them to enjoy serving me”, she tells me. “Don’t misunderstand me. If you step out of line in any way, you won’t know when or where but you will suffer for your disobedience.

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