Gooey Grappling Girls at the London Fetish Fair

The Gooey Grappling Girls make a sticky splash at the London fetish fair. This sexy duo delighted guests at the London Fetish Fair. The demonstration of sploshing was the highlight of the afternoon when the two pretty girls started a food fight on stage. Whilst some find this quite bizarre others find it rather stimulating.

Sploshing can be considered part of the BDSM world and can be classed as a fetish. If you are inclined to cover or be covered in various sticky foods like cakes, custard, baked beans and chocolate sauce, I’m sure you will find this video of two naked girls wrestling around on the floor a pleasure to behold.

Heather Lenox from the London fetish fair interviews the girls after the event. Although this is the career some young ladies may not have in mind as they start out in life, it seems that these girls thoroughly enjoy what they do. Not only do they get to travel around from place to place, city to city, they also have the pleasure of meeting extraordinary people on their travels.

One of the occupational hazards of being a Gooey Grappling girl must be the nasty mess which ends up all over their bodies. Baked beans are definitely one of the substances which linger. I can confirm this. Even after the girls have washed down – a little peck on the cheek – and I was still able to taste baked beans, Yum.

As well as sploshing, the Gooey Grappling Girls also partake in mud-wrestling and their services can be hired to perform at your event.


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