Countess Dionysus, Female Supremacist

Goddess with a brain

I am the Countess Dionysus. I would describe myself as a Goddess with a brain. In addition to being an International FemDom, Female Supremacist and sadist, I also consider myself quite the Fashionista.

I like my pleasures. I love travel and find I am the happiest when I'm sitting in business class sipping champagne.

As a practitioner of BDSM, we all know what it stands for but how many truly understand the essence of this lifestyle?

I would say that BDSM when done in a safe, sane and non-judgmental environment is basically a tool that allows individuals an opportunity to freely express their kinks, fetishes, hidden desires and taboos.

I have a degree in psychology and experience working with trauma victims suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders. I honestly feel my education and training gives me an extra edge when engaging with submissives. Especially when conducting behavior modification and administering aftercare following an extreme session.

When I am in a session, my favorite outfit to wear is a form-fitted midi-dress in latex, pvc, leather or woven knit. This style of dress accentuates my curves and makes me feel super-feminine. I usually accessorize with a tight laced corset or wide belt to highlight my small waist and ample hips.

I consider a great session to be one that is properly executed from start to finish. I have standards that I expect people to live up to: That means that the initial inquiry email is eloquent and respectful. Next is receipt of deposit or full tribute within 24 hours of session confirmation. Finally, arriving to session on time, well-groomed and eager to serve. These are the attributes of a great session

The upmost respect

There are some things I will not countenance. Disrespect of any kind is unacceptable and unforgivable. Attempting to negotiate your tribute to me, raising one’s voice, cockiness, disobedience, terrible hygiene and rudeness will definitely get you banned.

The world had become a much less certain place this year. The plans of many people have been disrupted. For myself I am hoping the borders will open so that I can schedule my very first tour to Dubai. I've been contemplating a trip to the Middle East for some time and after speaking with several Mistresses who frequently tour this region I've decided to go for it. I would also like to conduct more sessions involving medical play. So I plan on getting the necessary training to perform saline infusions (breasts & testicles), stapling and needle play.

Prospective slaves should realise that I am quite sadistic. If you disappoint me I won't hesitate to use an arsenal of whips, canes, tawse or floggers to show my displeasure.

If you are thinking of coming to see me, know that all sessions are skilfully planned and designed - so that my pleasure and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, but I nonetheless take a great deal of time and effort to ensure my slaves’ experience with me is unforgettable.

I always think that the biggest compliment I can receive after any session is in the form of a simple question: “Goddess, may I see you again ?”

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