Arachnophilia scary spider attraction One of the most popular phobias seems to be arachnophobia. However, there are a select few others who fantasise about having sexual intercourse with spiders. Now, this is scary Beyond belief for many people. Even people who are not scared of spiders would not get off on the thought of having […]


Kleptolagnia turned on by stealing and stolen objects Kleptolagnia is when one gets turned on by stealing objects and handling stolen objects. The fetish is a combination of both thievery with equal parts of arousal. This fetish is also known as kleptophilia. You must ask yourself if you genuinely get aroused if, you are in […]

Scat – eating human faeces

Scat in the UK Mistress BDSM scene. Hard to digest! Now scat is a difficult subject for those that have never indulged, of whom slave bobbie is one, believe it or not. However, he can see the appeal. The thought of giving yourself over to a powerful mistress. Obeying her every whim. Even, to the […]

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