Scat – eating human faeces

Scat in the UK Mistress BDSM scene. Hard to digest! Now scat is a difficult subject for those that have never indulged, of whom slave bobbie is one, believe it or not. However, he can see the appeal. The thought of giving yourself over to a powerful mistress. Obeying her every whim. Even, to the […]

Christmas sex toys for slaves who like it up the arse

Christmas sex toys for slaves who like it up the arse With  Christmas almost upon us. There is nothing fair about the kids getting all the toys. As fetishista we do enjoy emptying our sacks and discovering lots of fabulous, kinky sex toys. Kinky sex is so much fun and there are loads of inspirational […]

Medical castration fetish

Medical castration – getting your manhood chopped Medical castration fetish encompasses quite a number of sexual fetishes. Of which, are derived from the realms of medicine. And related fields. It could be that perhaps one is attracted and aroused by a medical professional. It can also include a sexual attraction to medical objects or procedures. […]

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