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Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones

Manchester Mistress Bryce Jones exclusive interview As a young girl:  I was grabbed by a guy who was later never to be found. As a result, I always feared that he would one day come back. So, at the age of 12, I joined a gym. There, I read a notice on the board which […]

Stockport Mistress Tilly Sue on CP (corporal punishment)

What Stockport Mistress to the Sue thinks about BDSM and Corporal punishment Stockport Mistress to the Sue gives us an insight to her world of BDSM and Corporal punishment.. I would have to say that the services I get the most requests for are strap-on and CP. Both are equally popular. Session satisfaction for me […]

Transsexual Mistress Yasmina

Beautiful transsexual Mistress Yasmina in London interview Transsexual Mistress speaks to us about her BDSM experiences. I first decided to get into BDSM because of my first serious boyfriend. Firstly, he had very submissive tendencies and introduced me to it many years ago. It was that which enabled me to explore my dominant side. Secondly, […]