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Mature Mistress Cara London UK

Mature Mistress Cara in her 70s. BDSM for the retired I spent a lovely evening with mature Mistress Cara in Wimbledon Common. We took our dogs for a long walk and had a chat about the BDSM life that Mistress Cara leads. Also about the services she provides to her customers. Visiting mature Mistress Cara was an […]

UK London Mistress Elita Darling Interview

UK London Mistress Elita Darling shepherd’s Bush beauty Discovering BDSM My earliest memories of being incredibly excited by something that I would later realise was a kink of mine began around the age of 5 or 6. Naturally, I didn’t recognise it as sexual arousal at the time. More a deep fascination with a scene […]

Leicester Mistress Scarlett Black interview

Exclusive interview with UK Leicester Mistress Scarlett Black Why BDSM From being a young child I had a forceful nature. Growing up I guess it was part of who I was and was sure to become. I always had a way of ensuring I got what I wanted, in a persuasive feminine way. BDSM was […]