The Matron

The Matron – Medical retreat – Cornwall    I am known as the Matron. To me BDSM means giving an intense sensation that does not involve sex, it’s more the mental connotations that show respect.   This involves consent and negotiation and making sure the client/patient is sufficiently informed before engaging in any of the […]

Mistress Dahlia of Manchester

Mistress Dahlia of Manchester Interview I am Mistress Dahlia of Manchester. I enjoy BDSM because it means being true to myself and living my best life… I can embrace my own kinky inclinations, whilst promoting sex positivity and also encompass an accepting attitude to the fetishes, or alternative lifestyles of others. Within a session this […]

Mistress Hera London

Mistress Hera, combating BDSM Ever since I became self-aware, I have enjoyed combat games. I always had an issue when people tried teaching me that girls should not adopt violent behaviour or do what guys do, because instinctively I was able to beat boys at everything. Basically, I was in conflict with the culture. Mistress […]

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