Mistress Xena – Movie stunt woman!

Uniquely equipped You will find me uniquely equipped to be a BDSM Mistress, because of my sheer physicality and unique career background. I used to be a competitive bodybuilder, black belt martial arts practitioner and tv / movie stunt woman specializing in fighting and sword play. I have even been in a Bond movie! It […]

Domina Sreni Italy Interview

Naturally dominant Let me tell you how I first got interested in BDSM. I’ll take a step back in time. It’s because in my family I have always been surrounded by women with strong, discipline-focused personalities. This was the initial step that would give me further familiarity and self-knowledge of my Femdom fantasies. This approach […]

Wrestling Mistress Hera of London – Exclusive interview!

Wrestling Mistress Herea of London – Exclusive Interview I have always been attracted to bondage. Ever since I knew myself, I had a dominant personality. I was physically faster and stronger then all the boys around me. Always determined to be the best in any form of competition. In time, I learned how to use […]

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