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In our blog you can find some of the more extreme and taboo fetishes along with mistress interviews and BDSM news.

 5/5 Transvestic fetishism Let's be honest, at some point in our lives we have all dressed up whether it
Spectrophilia - love beyond the bones. What a unique and very apt fetish. Just in time for Halloween! Spectrophilia, is
Autassassinophilia - Scared to death In today's modern society it is clearly apparent that we love to be scared. With
Hobophilia Yes – you read it right – getting down and dirty with a hobo – or tramp as we
Voraphilia - also known as Vorarephilia – gobble gobble gobble That could be the sound of a turkey voting for
Psychrophilia – chill out This fetish is about getting the heat on when the heat goes off. People who are
Coulrophilia – I should coco A fetish for clowns – a strange one this - because it derives from causes
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