Exclusive interview with Miss Ann (submissive switch)

What is BDSM

From Los Angeles we get a unique view of BDSM from Miss Ann, renowned American switch.

She explains:

For me, BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism. BDSM Play is a vast smorgasbord of play, activities, fetishes and kinks. As you sample from any buffet, some are more to your liking and some, not so much. True submission is accepting something that one is not wild about, or not “fun”, or perhaps one doesn’t even like at all, or one is past the point of enjoying and liking it, but because your Top does want it. This is the difference between submission and compliance.

One might be very new, and just trying out different experiences, and if you want to experience “submission”, you must cross that line, if only for a small amount of time.

Before you play, one should negotiate, tell your partner about any health issues, or soreness, tenderness. Ensure you have clarity on your Play List. This is useful:

BDSM Check List

If you are unclear regarding Fetishes and Kinks, check out this List.

Fetishes and Kinks

I engage in many hobbies and pastimes which give me great pleasure, not to say, a spiritual uplift: My dog, sunshine, smiles, shared positive energy, erotic art, fetish art, kitties, Big Cats, being read to, Pony Play, leather boots, Freedom of Speech, enlightenment, Bikram yoga, hiking, national forests, national parks, action movies, The Star Wars series (everything in the timeline from Movie 1 to the Mandalorian), The Star Trek (original) series, The Farscape Series, The Firefly Series, Outlander, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, cooking, hiking, camping, chamber music, opera, orchestral music, dark musicals, Bebop Jazz, a good full bodied Merlot or Malbec, classic Jazz, alternative Jazz, Goth/Industrial music, dancing all night, the search for the best sweet Martini, walking hand in hand with a lover, the sound of rain in the morning on the window pane, Dehners, long hair, horses, leather, puppies, biking, sunrises, green tickets, smiles, lingerie, corsets, latex, ‘fuck me’ shoes, and pirates.

I see myself as a Hermione type (as per Harry Potter), an intelligent, but socially awkward, nerdy girl that probably sat next to you in school. Over time my outside features rearranged themselves to mirror my inner beauty, as the High School yearbook photos were – yikes – and now my features entice you. I am forever curious about life, forever looking to learn and grow, dedicated to being a positive influence in each day, and being the best version of me I can muster. I have always loved ‘pretend’, playing make believe, role-playing action heroes/pirate/house, and as I grew up my playing became more adult themed. I am curious about what makes a person tick, what is their inner nature, what balance of light and dark do they hold, discovering how a person is smart. Thus, sharing an experience that reveals more of this to me thrills me. I am a person you can trust. I have a keen ability to focus down to exactly what is before me, no matter the chaos around me. I am a good girl who is attracted to shiny and naughty things.

An Exchange of Power

It’s important that my clothing reflects my sexy mood. My ‘go to’ is fine lingerie, blouse & skirt, seamed stockings, and pumps, add red lipstick and an updo. I love this because I feel sexy wearing it. What is important is inside my brain, my heart, my spirit – but you knew that. This is an outfit classic, never out of style, and nor am I.

For those I provide Service Topping, I promise to keep my word. Do not ask for something you are not committed to because I am a willful force in the universe. I will not let you down.

I do feel I am different to other Mistresses and subs. What sets me apart from others is my smile, my laugh, my ability to create, my ability to focus and obey.

I promise to honor the Dom that trained me. You will want to thank him.

I evaluate my sessions according to these criteria: That it is I consider a session that is clearly negotiated, business without hassle, ‘play’ executed with focus and true heart given and thank yous exchanged. A great session is when magic happens, something in the space shifts and that line of dancing on the sword presents itself and we have the emotional and spiritual courage to proceed in rapture.

2020 has been a difficult time for everyone. It is achievement enough to be brave and explore playing safely.

But in 2021, I plan on going to Camp Crucible on the East Coast and DomCon Los Angeles on the West Coast. I also plan to travel to London in 2021, in addition to my usual Northeast Corridor travels.

Before the arrival of any person playing with me, we will have set up who is Topping and who is serving. The Play Space will be clean. The toys and tools set out. We will have negotiated our PlayList.

A person may expect me to be on time, ready and smiling. You may expect me excited to play.

Other than that, I don't like to limit sessions by coloring in all the details. In our coloring book, we have outlines, guides. In the moment of exchanging our energy, of living our play, that is difficult to define, as each is unique and wonderful in its own right.

It may be said that one of us will lead and one of us will follow, one of us will direct and one of us will listen and obey, one of us will command and one of us will surrender, as the ocean crashes its waves on the beach, and in the power exchange something else is created.

LA submissive female Miss Ann
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