Spectrophilia – love beyond the bones.

Spectrophilia – love beyond the bones. What a unique and very apt fetish. Just in time for Halloween! Spectrophilia, is a sexual term for when one is aroused by ghosts. It’s often described as a sexual encounter between a human and the supernatural. It can also be extended to describe sexual arousal caused by images appearing in mirrors. A spectrophiliac may fantasise about ghosts and often imagine sexual scenarios involving themselves and the dearly departed. Sex after death? Humankind has been fascinated with things that go bump in the night since the dawn of existence. For ages there have been stories of spectres boning the living. Ancient Latin and Christian texts speak of the male incubus and female succubus. These are terms for Demons that take human form in order to seduce their quarry. So who’s boning ghosts? Well, pop-star Kesha claims to be one of the lucky few. The song “Supernatural” off her 2012 album Warrior is apparently about a one-night stand with a ghost. “That song was about having sex with a ghost,” the singer told Ryan Seacrest that year. “I lived in this flop house at Rural Canyon, and there was this weird energy that lived there. It used to keep me up at night and wake me up. It progressed into this dark, sexual spirit.” In modern pop culture quite a few famous films also included scenes which involved hints or full-on scenes including Spectrophilia. Ghostbusters (1984) The Entity (1981) Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 7) Ghost (1990) It Follows (2014) Is this all just mythology? You be the judge. Those that claim the dead have a grave appetite to ghoul about with you under the bed sheets cannot be proven wrong. The sceptics amongst you may doubt the existence of see-through sexual deviants, sneaking into bedrooms at night with little more than a trick or treat. Their trick – your treat !
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