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I can say that slave Bobbie will appeal to many mistresses as he manages to attend his dungeon sessions between two and three times a week. After spending a veritable lifetime in a vanilla relationship, slave Bobbie now lives the most part of his life surrounded by mistresses and dungeons.

How can you justify spending so much every week on a mistress?
After decades of unfulfilled, vanilla life,  I made a promise to myself that if ever an opportunity arose to dedicate my life to a mistress, I would take it.

What is it that ensures your frequent repeated attendance at the dungeons?
I have taken a solemn vow to be a slave to my mistress. This is my vocation. I am hers to do with as she sees fit.

Which type of Mistress turns you on?
Initially it has to be visual appeal. I could describe a fantasy mistress – but I think most slaves occasionally encounter and have fulfilling sessions with, mistresses who don’t fit those parameters. So it’s an inexact science in that respect.
But the thing that most turned me on about my current mistress is when – after a few sessions – I turned to her and said – only half-believing it myself – “You enjoy whipping me, don’t you?”
A twisted grin appeared on her face, “Yes – I do”, and she laughed.
I think that sealed it for me.

What turned you off in the session?
During a double-domme session, an inexperienced mistress caught my helmet with the tip of a dressage whip. For about 5 minutes, I could barely breathe. Fortunately my owner rescued the session. She is utterly reliable in that regard.

How do you find your mistresses?
Internet – how else, these days?

What do you notice about mistresses from different regions?
A lot of Scottish mistresses seem to load up their websites with great screeds of prohibitions about what clients can’t do. I can’t help but wonder if there’s some sort of pressure from the Scottish government in that regard.

Do you notice any consistencies between mistresses?
It always seems to me that they pretty much impose themselves and get their own way in their lives outside the dungeon – i.e. dungeon-work has taught them not to take any you-know-what. Perhaps they were already like that. I sometimes think when I encounter women like that (whom I’ve never previously met) in the outside world: Have you got a secret life? And it amuses me to fantasise and speculate along those lines.

What entices you to contact a mistress from a website?
A decent gallery is a must – it shouldn’t contain more than 8 – 12 pictures. There has to be at least one shot of the mistress in heeled boots. I prefer knee-high, but thigh-high are good. Heels should be 5 to 6 inches. If those features are missing, I tend to move on.
I’m not fond of massive platforms – looks a bit glam-rock to me.

Which fetishes do you enjoy?
Boots – obviously. My current mistress has introduced me to serious CP. Leather and rubber corsets are a big turn-on – and I love black riding trousers.

Which fetishes would you like to try or have tried which you didn’t think you would give a chance?
As I say I have learned to take a serious whipping over the past five years – and I never thought I would achieve that. It helps if your mistress really enjoys it – then you know you’re pleasing her. And now she’s pushing me towards denial – every orgasm is now ‘ruined’ as they say – I never thought that would appeal – but it’s what she wants.

How has your BDSM lifestyle developed?
Apart from the frequent and regular sessions, I’m also the dungeon slave, so clear up after her clients and am charged with keeping the dungeon clean and ready to go.

How has BDSM impacted on your every day life?
I’ve downsized my house. I don’t go out much. If I do my mistress has to approve. She has access to my bank accounts. But she is very fair. I trust her implicitly.

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