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  added by  Di... for  Lady Godiva on 02 August 2017

I visited many Mistresses before finding Lady Godiva, but few that meet her standards. She uses an excellent, well equipped dungeon. She looks beautiful. She took careful note of and delivered on the things I expressed interest in. And she still managed to introduce me to new delights of punishment. And above all she obviously enjoyed herself enormously. I felt that had a real relationship with her, from which we both derived a great deal of pleasure.

“When I presented myself in her dungeon, she started by ordering me to strip and she examined me thoroughly. I was then down on my knees, worshipping her lovely shoes and feet with my lips and tongue. I was instructed to move up to her calves and I then strayed up to her bottom, and was allowed to breathe in the aroma of her lovely leather skirt. Next I was strapped down on a whipping bench and received a hard spanking from her lovely hand. How sweet it was one moment to receive the painful slap and then to feel her soft hand running over my bottom. She then started running a very sharp wheel over my bottom and over my penis and balls. This really made me squeal which gave Lady Godiva great pleasure as she giggled and laughed. A thrashing with a many thonged leather whip followed. The pain was bearable and I just loved that feel of the leather.I can’t mention everything that happened in the packed session. The highlights were firstly the new things I had not experienced before. I told her I had had electric shock treatment before but, when she asked, I said this had not involved insertion. When she strapped me on the medical bench, I thought she was going to put something in my anus. But no – she inserted a metal rod down my penis. The next I knew an electric current was running through it. At first it was almost pleasurable, but soon I was once more squealing as she increased the power. I kept managing to get used to it and she kept increasing the power. The other new thing was the use of a humbler. I had seen pictures of these and didn’t think my shape and flexibility would allow one to be used on me, but Lady Godiva proved me wrong. I had no idea what she was doing to me, until I felt my balls being squeezed and then found myself quite unable to stand up. I certainly hope to have that done again and perhaps more severely.

“Then came the thing I most wanted. Lady Godiva produced a beautiful bright pink strapon. I knelt on a punishment stool while she lubricated the strapon and me and then it was in me. A bit painful at first, but she worked to get the right position where I was fully penetrated. She then pounded away for some time. I have had the strapon before but this was perfect. I could feel her body banging into mine as she subjected me to that total humiliation, treating me as the slut I am. Then I was given the honour of drinking her lovely nectar as she peed over me and directly into my mouth. I loved every drop. Finally there was a caning which left me with just the sort of souvenir marks that I had asked for.

“I shall be saving to pay another visit soon.

  added by  PG... for  Queen Ebowe on 07 November 2016

The worlds best ever Mistress!

  added by  Jo... for  Mistress Cara on 12 October 2016

A traditional BDSM mistress. In my opinion you can find no better. Mistress Cara, based in Wimbledon, close to the tube station and with on street parking. This very traditional and well spoken lady has dedicated the whole of the upstairs of her own home to BDSM.

Mistress Cara has been operating as a professional BDSM for decades. She has, In my opinion, the best example of traditional BDSM practice. She is incredibly strict and it’s not want to be crossed.

If you enjoy verbal humiliation, this mistress has a radio Voice which is reminiscent of yesteryear. Without shouting she can make you feel like a piece of shipped. All three of the rooms dedicated to BDSM are equipped with a BDSM bed, St Andrews Cross throne, cross and for use slaves to enjoy being sissyfied. She has an immense range of female clothing, wigs and shoes which will fit the average gentlemen.

A strict Mistress to be exact with an array of superb latex clothing to titillate you.

  added by  Jo... for   on 12 October 2016

Mistress Elita darling is a young, well spoken or you could say posh mistress based in Shepherd’s Bush. She has a quaint basement flat with a room dedicated to BDSM. This mistress is a stylish and modern mistress who offers a whole range of services including filming as well as the traditional services you may expect from a mistress.

She is more sensual then the average mistress and if I dare say so rather attractive. She excels at emotional sadism.If you’re looking to be pampered as well as tortured by your mistress. Mistress Elita Darling, if you’re looking after to get an appointment, Should be one of the mistresses on your WishList.

You can find on road parking however, shepherd’s Bush tube station is very close.

  added by  Jo... for  Mistress Paris on 12 October 2016

Based in East Croydon, Mistress Paris has a beautiful property with a very large room kitted out for BDSM slaves. The room and Boasts a high ceiling and has a suspended in bed with all the trimmings.

Mistress Paris herself is a fun and strict mistress. Originally from Australia we are lucky to have this professional dominatrix with this in the UK.

A loud yet understanding, domineering mistress who enjoys what she does.

Mistress Paris has lots of toys in her dungeon. Not like you need them. Her cruel and sadistic man can make you feel like nothing. She is very good at this.

She also has a lot of friends who you can play with. Don’t be afraid to ask for a double session.

Mistress Paris is truly stimulated by interesting individuals who she believes can keep her interest. The more extreme and unusual the fetish and demand the more she will engage.

  added by  Jo... for  Miss Pierced Laura on 12 October 2016

Miss pierced Laura is quite a Lady. Attracting a lot of attention. She has a very unique look with a partly shaved head and lots of tattoos. She completely submerges herself in the BDSM scene and lives her fetish lifestyle to the full.

She is very naughty indeed and enjoys experimenting with all sorts of dildos strap on’s, wax, electrics. And she has a new addition to her collection. A spanking bench. And trust me, it works perfectly. However, it would be nothing without the firm hand of Miss pierced Laura.

She has a wonderful array of outfits to tantalise you. If you like PVC and latex, She has a wardrobe full of this stuff. In addition, loads of amazing shoes to worship. Don’t be fooled by her Love of BDSM. She is a very classy lady and demands the upmost of respect.

  added by  Jo... for  Mistress Chatterley on 12 October 2016

What can I say about Mistress Chatterley? If there was ever a mistress who I would advise you to visit, it would be her. A statuesque blonde goddess who has it all. Big boobs and a tiny waist. She has loads of equipment in her central London apartment and that she is not afraid to use it.
Mistress Chatterley is one of London’s premier mistresses who offers the complete package. She is certainly a kinky mistress and offers services extra to what may be listed on her profiles.
If you are a novice and have not seen a professional mistress before, my advice is to visit Mrs Chatterley. Softly spoken funny and professional she will put you at ease instantly with her beautiful demeanour.

If I was prepared to summarise sessions by Mistress Chatterley I would classify her, if there is such a thing as a fetish mistress. She can deliver the hard stuff which you would usually expect from a pro dominatrix but she really does cover all bases.

  added by  Jo... for  Mistress Elektra on 12 October 2016

I have visited Mistress Elektra on several occasions. Each time I have not been disappointed. Mistress Elektra is a very different type of mistress. She can exercise an incredibly strong persona and make you cry like little baby. She also has an incredible sense of humour. Approachable, funny and entertaining. She has a good size, well organised room, with a bondage bed and sling attached. The walls are Ladened with toys and dildos.

Meeting mistress for the first time. She made me feel very welcome and at ease.

Mistress Elektra is based in Cheam, Surry. It is very easy to get to with plenty of on road parking.

If you have any doubt about visiting this mistress. Check out her testimonial page on her website. It is full of amazing reviews from her clients.

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