Pyrophilia, turn up the heat


Ready – aim – fire – is that the motto ringing in the ears of every pyrophile (someone who gets turned on by fire) as they reach a sexual climax ?

This is a very obscure fetish – not fully accepted as such by psychologists, especially as some cases are not associated with behaviours around fire, such as are associated with pyromania – starting fires, watching them take hold, setting off false alarms or simply wanting to hang around with firemen.

As ever we can turn to Dr Mark Griffiths for learned references to the case histories. They include a man so turned on by fire that he used to sit on a hot stove and set fire to a pair of trousers wrapped around his arm.

He was clearly a masochist.

Griffiths also documents the case of a woman who would start small fires in skips and the like – then go home to masturbate.

In another case history one man was measured as having a greater sexual arousal to pictures of fires than to naked women.

Some individuals who enjoy this fetish take up fire-eating .

Can we turn to the pages of history books or popular fiction to find individuals who might get turned on by the site of a good old conflagration taking place?

The Lays Of Ancient Rome

The Emperer Nero was famous for playing a lyre while a big section of Imperial Rome burned. Is it much of a stretch to imagine that this might have aroused him to participate in one of Rome’s famous orgies while it was going on?

If slave bobbie had been a pyrophile in Ancient Rome it would represent the ultimate thrill – the smoke – the sparks – the flickering glow on the horizon as it poured in through the windows of the villa, reflected in the faces of the participants in a BDSM orgy.

For the vanilla-inclined amongst you, there is also the erotic impulse occasioned by having sex in a darkened room lit up only by the light of a roaring flame in the hearth.

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