Psychrophilia – chill out

This fetish is about getting the heat on when the heat goes off.

People who are turned on by extreme cold or who are turned on by watching others experiencing cold conditions.

Think about what this means.

You probably wouldn’t last long in the extreme cold outdoors – a male erection certainly wouldn’t – or maybe if that was your thing it would. But it’s all counterintuitive considering that it’s supposed to be the heat that makes you horny.

Or maybe you like to be in the warm but just enjoy watching your partner shiver.

Or maybe you’re just stiff with cold. Slave bobbie would love to know if this fetish is confined to those who live in a cold climate. Or are people living at altitude similarly influenced? Those who inhabit the climes around Mt Kilimanjaro for instance.

Cold Front

Is this more prevalent in Scandinavia and the remote frozen wastelands of Canada. You have to wonder when Cahn and Styne wrote the lyrics to “Let It Snow” – ‘the weather outside is frightful…’ were they expressing a deeply repressed fetish ?

Intercourse is well known as a method for resurrecting those close to death due to exposure. Sadly the Nazis did some shocking experiments on helpless prisoners to prove this.

Many couples meet on skiing holidays which are notorious for encouraging sexual interaction. No doubt some people get carried away after gluhwein and fondue. It’s possible that a successful encounter could lead to a lifelong obsession with sex in the snow.

The old pirate expression “shiver me timbers” is believed to be a reference to the cold inducing them to “get wood”.

But if sex in the great outdoors isn’t your thing, you could always go for the diluted version indoors – by using ice cubes or iced water. Best done on a rubberized mattress though – as it’s difficult to get to sleep in wet bedding.

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