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A typical photo shoot consists of just a few important elements. The camera, photographer and the model. The scenario, Is also pretty much the same from one photo shoot another. The location is chosen and the scene is set. The photographer prepares equipment and plans the shots. The model is transformed into the subject of shoot.

How about a photo shoot where do you, the model arrived at your destination. The photographer is waiting, the scene is set, and your transition from respectable gentleman on street too sexy, female, glamour model begins, ready for the shoot.

Alekss Ceilaito, a celebrity in her own right in the TV, TS/transsexual scene in Southwest London. Alekss Started Off Scene photography to enable transgenders, cross dressers, transvestites and transsexuals a place where they would feel totally at ease and more importantly absolutely beautiful.

From the point of arriving at her Fulham studio in London you’re treated like royalty. Alekss has a unique, comforting personality. No need to worry if you’re not adept at hair and make-up. Alekss Is a fully qualified make-up artist and choose the right look for you. Unless, of course you have something specific in mind. In the studio there is a great collection of outfits for you to choose from and you are more than welcome to bring your own. Please bring your shoes. If you’re bringing heels, Remember, the higher the better. Whilst Alekss works from her studio. Location shoots are also available. There may be a place would you have always dream of being shot and if you’re not familiar with the areas one can easily be found for you. Please be aware that shooting outside may affect the total cost extra time maybe needed to make arrangements.

A typical photo shoot which includes your make-up, Your hair, 250 – 300 pictures to choose from and 10 retouched pictures. This package starts from £400. Alekss also offers an optional video shoot service whilst the photo shoot is taking place at an additional cost of £150.

Usually takes about two or three working days to process and re touch photos. The photos are proposed to your home, work or can send the finished photos via email.

Her photography work appears in TS magazines such as Transliving and London T girls

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