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Whats in this Months News?

Interview with mistress Scarlett Black

“I am a game player, I love to delve into the mind and bring forth those fantasies you had never even thought were possible.  I am unique and I know my worth. “

Somnophilia – Sleeping Beauty

There’s no doubt that some men find the prospect of an inert female form, lying in bed unresponsive, to be strangely alluring.”

Pyrophilia, turn up the heat

 Ready – aim – fire – is that the motto ringing in the ears of every pyrophile (someone who gets turned on by fire) as they reach a sexual climax ?




Many commentators have asserted that vampirism in fiction is a surrogate for BDSM and remember that Twilight itself begat Fifty Shades Of Grey.


Don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington – so sang Noel Coward -unless that is, she is autagonistophilic – in which case when you might struggle to keep her off of it.



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