Meeting with London Mistress May

Mistress May offers sessions from her dungeon which is fully integrated into a domestic environment, just seven minutes convenient walk from the easy to get to Putney railway station.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress May today to find out a little more about her, after she agreed to see me for a short interview.

On the first floor of a pub just across from the station, Mistress May was waiting. A beautiful ebony mistress with wavy, shoulder-length hair, ruby-red lips and long ruby-red nails to match. After seeing me arrive she stood up, gave me a radiant smile and invited me to join her at the table.

Mistress May is a very classy lady. She keeps herself to herself and is very refined. I found her polite, and a stimulating and engaging conversationalist. Mistress May is educated to degree-level in social science and she has worked for many years in law.

“What got you interested in BDSM?”, I asked.
“I was a kinky teenager. I always wanted more than just normal vanilla sex, I happened upon the fetish scene and things just fell into place. I come from a family of very dominant women. This, combined with my natural disposition as a kinky girl meant that the progression to being a mistress was completely natural. I have been a pro Dom for six years now.”

I asked Mistress May: “What makes you happy?”
“When I’m working with a cane or flogger in my hand. I love impact fetish. I am exceedingly accurate with my equipment. I know which areas of my slaves’ bodies need to be hit and how hard.”
I went on. “What other equipment and fetishes do you enjoy?”
“I can be one mean mistress. Humiliation is one of my specialisms along with CBT and water sports. I am a natural, full-time mistress and naturally I enjoy all aspects of my BDSM life.”

“What would a slave expect on their first visit?” I asked.
”I like to make my slaves feel comfortable. We may have a soft drink and I put them at ease. It’s important to explore what turns them on and what they expect from me. This is a journey we are taking together, whether for just the one session or more.”

”What do you enjoy wearing in sessions?”
“Well, my favourite colour is red as you have probably have guessed”,she tells me.”I don’t have a particular preference of material for my outfits but I do have an extensive wardrobe. You can find rubber, leather, PVC, latex, vintage-style clothing and I do like silk. I also have a few quirky items”.

“Do you have much footwear?” I asked.
“I do. Lots and lots. Plenty of high heels, leather boots and my favourites: A pair of red-soled, Louboutin’s.”

Mistress May’s domestic dungeon is fully equipped. The unique styling of the ceiling has enabled it to be fitted out for suspension. The overall apartment is very large with an enclosed and very private garden. This is also used within sessions. If you have a fantasy to be tied to a tree or you enjoy the idea of humiliation in an outside space, Mistress May is fantastically well-equipped. She also has three sheds where you can be chained up and left.

Every month a special event is hosted by Mistress May called ‘AcadaMay’. Each month the venue changes giving members the opportunity to visit a variety of dungeons. ‘The circle of shame’ is the name of the initiation process. BDSM activities are varied and innovative. Have you ever tried speed domming? If you would like to be considered as an invitee to ‘AcadaMay’, tweet Mistress May @AcadaMay.

“What is not acceptable?”, I ask.”
“Tardiness, disobedience and unkemptness. If you’re late I will be fucking vicious. You will be humiliated and punished to the extreme. A slave was recently late. I spanked him until he pleaded for me to stop. When, eventually, I did decide to stop I used hot wax on him. He was not a happy bunny. There is no excuse for zero manners. If you do not know how to address a mistress, then learn, before you contact me.

To contact Mistress May follow this link:

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