Interview with mistress Scarlett Black

Interview with mistress Scarlett Black


From being a young child I had a forceful nature, growing up I guess it was part of who I was and was sure to become, I always had a way of ensuring I got what I wanted in a persuasive feminine way, BDSM was a natural way to be, I was always in charge, new what I wanted and how To achieve it . BDSM is my passion, my first real love. The very first time I held someone’s submission with in my care. I naturally knew that it was right for me.

I have been a player of BDSM activities for over 23 years; I have plenty of skills and always keep up to date with new things. I love debauchery in its rawness. I am intuitive, captivating and alluring .I enjoy the psychology of the game. 

I am a game player, I love to delve into the mind and bring forth those fantasies you had never even thought were possible.  I am unique and I know my worth.

When I’m in a good session I feel exhilarated, euphoric and very excited.

Schoolmistress role-play

When I am in a session as the “traditional school mistress” I would say that I am a very stern, strict and fair, but also a terrible tease. Where there’s a naughty boy -there’s an aptly amusing punishment to ensue. If he boy proves he has seen and acknowledged the error of his ways there may also be a reward.

My Favourite outfit

I do love a tight fitting cat suit with a tightly laced corset that accentuates my curvaceous body and my thigh high boots to complete – leaving the sub to guess just what lies underneath.

Slaves be warned

Before anybody should consider being my slave there are a few important requirements. Slaves must have excellent manners and be clean. I cannot abide un-cleanliness. I expect honesty from my clients and an obvious understanding that I am in control. No topping from the bottom.

A slave who disappoints me can be punished in many ways. Punishment depends on the scenario myself and my slave is in at the time. Depending on the severity of the disobedience I could give my slave a firm spanking with my hand or a serious bull whipping, which could leave him in pain for many days. It could simply be a time-out with his nose pressed firmly to the wall and being completely ignored.

So, you want to visit Mistress Scarlett

It’s important to establish the right chemistry between a new slave and myself. With friendly smile I would have a friendly chat to find out exactly what is important for him in the session. I am a very approachable person and I want to hear your deepest, darkest desires. Once armed with tools to create an incredible session, we are ready to enter the realm of Mistress Scarlett Black for an unforgettable experience.

A gentle come down from their high and then plans for our next journey, deeper into their darkest desires.

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