Pegging what’s the attraction. Straight men love to get fucked Slave bobbie loves pegging – as you might expect. Ever since he came across the 1960s novel Myra Breckinridge. In it the transgender (male to female) hero Myron is transformed into the eponymous Myra and proceeds to take her revenge on the all-American college football […]

Cock and Ball Torture

Slave Bobby’s take on cock and ball torture also known as CBT Cock and ball torture, or CBT as Dommes refer to it on their websites, really only took off in the 20th Century in the context of BDSM. Control of a man’s genitalia forms a central part of many fantasies, for dominant and submissive […]

Whipping fetish

An obsession with whipping historical BDSM Thomas Laqueur, the great American Sexologist, refers to a book published in 1700 by a French clergyman, the abbé Jacques Boileau. The book had a Latin title, ‘Historia Flagellantium’. It contained the story of 16th-century priest who use to whip young females with knotted cords. Subsequently,  carried on with […]

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