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autagonistophilia Don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington – so sang Noel Coward -unless that is, she is
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Mistress Elite – April 2017
Mistress Elite – Mistress Listings & News April 17 Mistress Listings Have Evolved Made for mobile – Photos & Videos
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crucifixion BDSM
Happy Easter everybody ! Easter – a time for chocolate eggs – er, no – not if you’re into BDSM
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Here comes the sun – actirasty
Here comes the sun Word of the day is ‘actirasty’ – arousal to the sun’s rays – and we are
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Tickle, tickle, tickle
Tickle, tickle, tickle Slave bobbie used to love those pre-teen birthday parties where everybody got a bit boisterous and ‘physical’.
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Partialism, partial to a bit of….. What parts are you partial to ? Partialism Partialism is sexual interest with an
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Mistress Elite News letter March 5th 17
Mistress Elite – Mistress Listings & News March 17 Mistress Listings Have Evolved Made for mobile – Photo & Video
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alien f-ET-ish. How about sex with one?
aliens….you’ve gotta love ‘em ….haven’t you? How about sex with one ? You know what they say……. “Once you’ve had
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