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In our blog you can find some of the more extreme and taboo fetishes along with mistress interviews and BDSM news.

Psychrophilia – chill out This fetish is about getting the heat on when the heat goes off. People who are
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Coulrophilia – Clown fetish
Coulrophilia – I should coco A fetish for clowns – a strange one this – because it derives from causes
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Mistress Elite – Newsletter June 8th
Mistress Elite – Mistress Listings & News June 17 Mistress Listings Have Evolved Made for mobile – Photos & Videos
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Interview with mistress Scarlett Black
Interview with mistress Scarlett Black Why BDSM From being a young child I had a forceful nature, growing up I
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Somnophilia – Sleeping Beauty
Somnophilia – asleep on the job Somnophilia – Sleeping Beauty There’s no doubt that some men find the prospect of
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Pyrophilia, turn up the heat
Pyrophilia Ready – aim – fire – is that the motto ringing in the ears of every pyrophile (someone who
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Vampirism Bram Stoker’s gothic novel Dracula introduced vampires to a wider reading public. In the modern era, we had the
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autagonistophilia Don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington – so sang Noel Coward -unless that is, she is
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